Just a quick note, with more to come later…

Open Range Ramblings is the “sister site” of another blog called InsightAnalytical. Over at IA we do politics, international news, and a smattering of “life” posts on subjects involving gardening, pets, and health.

We enjoy the ‘non-hard” news so much when we need a break, that we decided to start Open Range Ramblings as a place to hangout, a haven from the noise….sort of a place to go when we’re “off duty”!


(Otherwise knows as InsightAnalytical-GRL)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. No need to post this. More like a personal request.
    First off, I’m originally from Cruces. My mom still lives there. Lots of stories but not now.
    Well, I can’t call myself a true technical writer, but more as a teacher. I’m doing a second edition of my book – Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius – and
    I was looking specifically for images of the organ mountains at sunrise. Your beautiful photo “2009_0401sunrise0037.jpg” is amazing. But to do things properly here, I need to ask for your permission to use the photo. It’s going to be used to point out that we live in an analog world. Digital is just a great way to process and keep information.
    BTW – you must live east of “A Mountain.” I grew up on Ocatillo Rd. In fact , I’ve got photos somewhere showing me & family planting those ocatillos.
    Dave Cutcher (certified evil genius)

    • David…as long as you acknowledge, you can use the picture!!!
      I’d be honored!

      Sunrise pics were taken outside the Healthplex, on Northrise, between Del Rey and Roadrunner Parkway.

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