Just a quick note, with more to come later…

Open Range Ramblings is the “sister site” of another blog called InsightAnalytical. Over at IA, which has been up almost a year, we do politics, international news, and a smattering of “life” posts on subjects involving gardening, pets, and health, along with a live cam.

We enjoy the ‘non-hard” news so much when we need a break, so we decided to start Open Range Ramblings as a place to hangout, a haven from the noise….sort of a place to go when we’re “off duty”!

So stay tuned…as soon as possible, we’ll be getting the live cam set up here and more features up and running!!


(Otherwise knows as InsightAnalytical-GRL)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. No need to post this. More like a personal request.
    First off, I’m originally from Cruces. My mom still lives there. Lots of stories but not now.
    Well, I can’t call myself a true technical writer, but more as a teacher. I’m doing a second edition of my book – Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius – and
    I was looking specifically for images of the organ mountains at sunrise. Your beautiful photo “2009_0401sunrise0037.jpg” is amazing. But to do things properly here, I need to ask for your permission to use the photo. It’s going to be used to point out that we live in an analog world. Digital is just a great way to process and keep information.
    BTW – you must live east of “A Mountain.” I grew up on Ocatillo Rd. In fact , I’ve got photos somewhere showing me & family planting those ocatillos.
    Dave Cutcher (certified evil genius)

    • David…as long as you acknowledge, you can use the picture!!!
      I’d be honored!

      Sunrise pics were taken outside the Healthplex, on Northrise, between Del Rey and Roadrunner Parkway.

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