Subtle Sunset Hallucinations (Pictures of a Trip of the Imagination)


Yesterday we had ANOTHER snow storm…a heavy wet snow that resulted in a couple of inches and some shoveling for old times sake for me.  Of course, by today, you would never known it had ever happened!

But it’s cold and a wind moved off most of the leftover clouds. Tonight, I was out just as the sun was setting and just had to run to get the camera.  The sky over the Organ Mountains was especially sublime…the pictures really don’t do it justice, but here goes:

Sometimes we get clouds that look like flying saucers. This one over the peaks certainly is not the most perfect of examples, but the location and the colors….it will have to do!  For a moment I thought I was watching the craft from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” descending to pick me up…

A close encounter?

Then, I noticed to the left, a sight over the St. Augustin Pass that made me wonder if I were seeing a wormhole of sorts.  Time rippled around the edges of this massive gateway:

A wormhole?

Then, a closer look revealed what looked like a distant, imaginary mountain range covered in snow as I looked through the pass:

A far away mountain range? Shangri-La?

The colors of the mountain changed into a copper glow….was I on a red planet, like Mars, near an icecap?

Copper Mountains

As the light ran out, I returned to the house and back to planet Earth to cook dinner…But it had been a lovely dream!


4 thoughts on “Subtle Sunset Hallucinations (Pictures of a Trip of the Imagination)

  1. Last year on our road trip as we were heading south toward LC New Mexico we both were drawn to the mountains you show in the photos. First thing I did was get on the Internet and find out their name and history.

    NM is my second favorite state. Most people in the US aren’t even aware that there is a New Mexico in the US. When I’d tell people we were driving to New Mexico — they would hear — Mexico. NO! I’d say NEW Mexico — a state between Arizona and Texas — South of Colorado and Utah (the four corners).

    Thank you for the photos — I love mountains. I’ve always lived in places with high mountains and the ocean. NM has one of the two.

  2. You have such great, relatively unobstructed views of the mountains, that I’m guessing you live on the eastern edge of town.

    • The Organs run nearly North to South…on the other side is the Tularosa Basin…the East side…We’re on the West side!! Ten years ago when we built the house, the development was about the only thing outside downtown!

      The sunsets are amazing….I now know where “purple mountain majesty” comes from…literally, the Organs turn red-purple for a few fleeting moments as the sun sets…

  3. Thanks for the pictures, IA –

    And as Mr. Kipling said – “If you can dream and not make dreams your master – and walk with Kings nor lose the common touch” – I guess you just proved that you can, since you went back in and fixed dinner.

    Me, I’d probably still be sitting there watching the clouds roll by.

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