An Early Season Snowstorm with a Magnificent Reward…(Pics, including an adorable dog, too)

~~By NM-GRL (IA)

Okay, last time I posted it was green chile time…but hectic months stopped me from getting up a couple of ideas…but they will go up!

Today I awoke to our first snow of the season….several weeks early, by my reckoning…and quite a bit more dramatic than usual. It started yesterday afternoon with a nasty, cold rain and overnight it shifted over to snow.

The big deal here is not just getting snow on the ground (although it was already gone from the streets and sidwalks by the time I woke up!).  For me, it is watching the stormy weather clear and getting a clear view of the Organ Mountains and the snow on them!

So, here’s how it unfolded over the last 24 hours:

As you can see, Slick wasn’t particularly interested in getting up this morning! In fact, all the dogs were not going out yesterday and it was a cliffhanger for a couple of them in terms of how long their bladders would hold out. Even Slick rebelled at the cold rain late in the afternoon, although I got him out for about 2 seconds to pee pee.  Toro went out into the backyard, but Tico stayed put in the back of his crate all day until I threw him outside after things cleared today!  He is deathly afraid of storms…we adopted him from the animal shelter in February 2002. He had spent a month with people who had found him in a ditch. He was about 6 months old when we got him, so I figure he was out in some pretty cold, rotten weather as a baby.  So, I can understand his penchant for hiding under the bed, in his crate, and generally refusing to go out at all.

Slick Lingers in (My) Bed

I don’t blame him, because this was going on outside:

It was still snowing in fits and starts...

Fence Peaks

Not Even the Birds Were Out for Their Morning Meal...

Pretty icky for these parts, but sissy weather for back in New Jersey!  But, it’s so fleeting here, that this sort of raw, cold, dreary sort of weather is a shock!

Ah, but then it began to clear…the clouds started rolling away and sun came…and finally, I went out to the back…and…

The Organs Show Off Their Winter Coat...

…At least here there’s a magnificent payoff at the end of the nasty weather!

8 thoughts on “An Early Season Snowstorm with a Magnificent Reward…(Pics, including an adorable dog, too)

  1. The desert SW mtns are spectacular with snow dusting. There is STILL some on the north sides today!

  2. Here it comes – The snow just started a few minutes ago. Beautiful.

  3. lovely!
    I’d so much prefer to be there than here today. ‘Tis gloomy and damp – we may have some snow tonight, though. At least it will give meaning to the temps and dampness.

    • I lived in WI for a year and drove out there in December…Hit a raging snowstorm in Chicago and had to stop for the night, just a short drive from Milwaukee (my destination)….Scared!!!!

  4. No snow here yet, but I’m not complaining. Plenty cold, though.

    Great pictures, IA.

  5. We had our first snow here today, too. Wasn’t nearly as pretty, but I guess we’ve been lucky to make it through October and November with no accumulation.

    Give the “boys” a scritch behind the ear for me!

    • Will do, GG!!

      The funny thing about here is that we’re often in the same temperature band on the weather map as a lot of the East, including NJ! As EA says, the sun is what makes the difference!!!!

  6. It is so beautiful. I know the feeling looking at the Sandias and Manzanos. It has been cold up here–into the high 20s at night. I can live with the cold as long as I get my sun.

    Consider treating yourself to a trip to Ruidoso when there is snow. It has been several years since I’ve been there, but with the holiday lights and pine trees and snow –oh, my!

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