New USDA Map: Climate Zones Shifting


Stumbled across this story the other day at a website called The Daily Climate.

This should make you folks up north feel better because, apparently, the hardiness zones are shifting in your direction. In other words your zones are becoming “warmer” and may change your planting choices.

I won’t go into a full discussion here because The Daily Climate post is so detailed and informative.

New U.S. Climate Zone Map

New U.S. Hardiness Zone Map

Here’s the direct link to the USDA map which links to more in-depth information about each hardiness zone.

I haven’t studied it in detail for down here in the high desert of  southern New Mexico, but maybe someday I’ll be able to plant more tropical plants?  Some like the Red Bird of Paradise already overwinter at the lower elevations, but here up in the foothills of the Organs it depends a lot on the micro-climate in each location.


6 thoughts on “New USDA Map: Climate Zones Shifting

  1. As of today (Oct 9, 2009) the map at the USDA website is still the 2003 .pdf of the 1990 zone map.

  2. Hi Gloria. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your two websites. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the health club on my treks to Las Cruces from New Jersey.

  3. Sunshine today. Wonder of wonders.

  4. Love this blog – just discovered it!
    In NYC, after some cool rain days, finally some warmth and sunshine.
    here’s my gardening blog
    I shall update it later after I spend the day in the garden

  5. I’ll trade you wind for the rain….

    Bad, bad wind….but that’s not the worst of it…
    It’s the damned bugs…nipped off two new squash plants…managed the save the last one because it was in a pot on my patio!!

  6. Rain again today. ’nuff said.

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