The Fruit is Growing!


Well, yesterday about noon the winds started.   So before they kicked up I went out and got some pictures of the various fruits I’m growing…

But first, here’s a picture of the garden “under wraps.”  Because I knew the wind was coming, I watered the plants and then put the covers that I’ve been using overnight back on.  It was easier that putting up the “windbreak” that you see draped around the edge of the raised beds. Tomorrow, the plants will be in the sun again since the winds will be gone.

Ready for the wind...

Ready for the wind...

As you can see, the Flame grape  is already growing like crazy, complete with the beginnings of bunches of grapes!!

A baby bunch of grapes...

A baby bunch of grapes...

The first figs are about the size of a ping pong ball now…

Yummy, a fig!

Yummy, a fig!

Last but not least, the peaches…I sure hope I can get the bags on one of the days before the squirrels get to them!! (You can see the tree to the right in the corner in the garden picture above.)

More ping pong-sized fruits...PEACHES!

More ping pong-sized fruits...PEACHES!

This may be the most peaches I’ve seen on this tree since I’ve had it. We’ve had a very mild winter and the peaches have grown big enough to withstand the winds (so far!).

This is a standard “Ranger” peach which I’ve kept small.  It grows like crazy in this warm corner.

Eventually, I want to remove it and put something in that won’t be “fooled” into an early bloom.

The tree I bought a few years ago and moved last year doesn’t seem to be waking up at all, although I was doing fine after I transplanted it last fall.  I’m not quite sure if it’s just slow or dead!  The buds have separated from the branches, but they dont’ seem to be doing much. This is the tree I’m hoping to have producing before I take out the Ranger.

I moved one of the artichokes today because I thought it need more sun. Besides, I may be using the space if my big plan actually swings into gear. I’ll know more on Friday…

Hope the weather is good wherever you are today…

9 thoughts on “The Fruit is Growing!

  1. Hey all,

    I followed you over from IA. I grew up in “your neck of the woods/desert” and love the picks of the Organ Mtns and the desert. (I am in So. Texas now)

    ‘ love y’all


  2. After more cold and rainy weather today the sun came out and the temperature is 62 degrees. At least that’s what the newscaster says, but I can’t seem to get warm.

    I saw two robins today, so I know Spring has sprung.

    Your plants look great, GRL, and I’m still envious, but just give me time.

  3. How can you possibly have peaches already? They are supposed to fruit AFTER apricots. Your fig look dandy.

    • This bizarre tree is doing this because of its microclimate at the corner formed by two walls and somewhat protected by the raised beds. With the southern exposure it seems to bud out in JANUARY!! I want to replace this tree with a bird of paradise (no fruit), a native tree that won’t be a problem with early flowering and squirrels.

      This is a “Ranger” which is supposed to be a good peach in terms of chill hours for this area.
      Meanwhile, the Belle of Georgia, also supposed to be good, which I have at the side of the house is alive, I think, but really slow…or maybe it’s just going to poop out since I moved it from a very tough, windy location on the other side of the yard a couple of falls ago. It seemed to leave out OK last year, but this year I think it may be failing. This is a better location in terms of wind protection and further away from the squirrels, so I may just go and plop a new tree in one of these days…when I have the time!

  4. Hi,

    I clicked over here from The Confluence. How refreshing to have a place for the “other stuff.”

    I’m a gardener in California. On our little urban plot we have a kitchen garden and a fruit orchard that is scattered about.

    We’ve got an unidentified sweet citrus tree, as well as impr. Meyer lemon, lime, Artic Rose nectarine, Babcock peach, Lapins cherry, 5-in-one apple, fig, Santa Rosa plum, and apricot trees. There’s a seedless Concord grape, strawberries, and blueberries. So we’re anticipating fruit, but not much, as everything is very young.

    Are you in New Mexico? I was shocked at how big the peaches are.

    Good luck with the blog!

    • Hi, thanks for coming over for a visit!

      Sounds like you like growing fruit as much as I do! And I bet it’s easier there, too!

      I have two new grape vines by the way….a Black Monukka and a Thompson seedless…Grapes do so well here…there was so much mold back in Jersey…I do organic, so my Concords had their ups and downs!

      • I love Black Monnuka ‘s dried into raisins, but I’ve never tasted them fresh. Our seedless Concord just went in last Fall, so we haven’t had any fruit yet. I’m a complete novice at fruit growing, so this year will have a steep learning curve. I do organic too, and love my kitchen garden. I think of it as my slow paced adventure.

  5. I am home for the day – sort of. After seeing these wonderful spring photos here, I was reminded that in my rush to hospital, work, mother’s and back home, I barely noticed crocus and jonquil in my very own front yard. I hope they are still here to admire.
    Currently it is 42F and will reach the low 50’s by late afternoon. Spring is here, the White Sox are playing and all’s right with the world.

  6. Well at least the snow has melted here. Hopefully the buds that had started will survive the cold (34F as I write this). But hope springs eternal – it’s supposed to be in the 50’s today!

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