April 7, 2009 PLANS


After a morning of errands which will extend into early afternoon, I’m loading up the camera with new batteries and checking out all the new fruits that are appearing…the grapes are forming little clusters, the apricot has it’s first flower, and oh, those peaches! If I don’t bag them soon…..MORE later…or tomorrow….I still have to plant!!!

Yesterday, I was driving on Roadrunner Parkway and …you guessed it…I was SWOOPED by a roadrunner.  He lost some feathers as he took off as I came down the road…he just grazed the top of my car!

A couple of days ago a HUGE roadrunner was hanging out in the brush on the other side of my wall that back onto the arroyo. I mean, he was BIG…the biggest I’ve ever seen.  Must have been about 3 feet from the tip of his beak to the tip of his tail…

5 thoughts on “April 7, 2009 PLANS

  1. I LOVE seeing roadrunners. We have the best state bird–it is so cool. I am biased.

    • I call them “big chickens” although they look totally different from chickens!

      The ARE superior state birds, I agree 100%!!

  2. Lee,
    Click on “Home” then bookmark the page (or Add to Favorites if you’re using Internet Explorer). That should make it easy to get here.

  3. That Roadrunner was a lucky rascal. He didn’t know who he was messing with.

    I am still coming in through the back door, but that is better than not getting in at all.

    You might be on to something – maybe Comcast just doesn’t like me. They should, though, as not only do they serve my computer, but also the tv, the telephone and an upgrade box. On top of everything else the system was down county-wide for about nine hours the other evening. I don’t know why my son prefers them.

    See you later. Happy planting.

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