Hello from Open Range Ramblings….


Just a quick post to let you know what’s going on today.  This is the first day in several where the wind ISN’T  howling so I’m outside planting. Bagged shopping and will go to the gym later if I feel like it…

But for now, I’m planting and putting up “trinkets”…like my little windchimes. Found a new spot for them and the are making lovely sounds right now!

Will update later…but for now…INTO THE GARDEN!

8 thoughts on “Hello from Open Range Ramblings….

  1. This morning I awoke to the scintillating sounds of snow scrapers and plows. Ugh! Things were just starting to bud out, and now we’ve got a solid layer of white stuff covering everything.

    Mother Nature is annoyed with us, it seems!

  2. For now I will have to enjoy the seedlings under the grow light in the basement.

    We, lucky us, as supposed to get snow today.

    I am however starting a pictorial evolution of the Crab Apple Tree across the street in a small park. Right now it’s just gray and gloomy like the rest of the landscape here in Wisconsin. But in time it will be a magnificent and huge pink bouquet. I can hardly wait for this thing of beauty!

    • Marge, I’m sorry to report that I just spotted my first apricot flower (just back this afternoon from errands.) Oh, and the peaches MUST be bagged pronto before they start smelling sweet so the squirrels don’t get to them…And, the little grape clusters are forming!!

      • GRL – you are a sadistic monster, and here I had to come here again via my inbox and an old email, just to hear you brag.

        Since I will be moving at the end of the month I didn’t even plant my pots. But as a consolation prize there were two mourning doves outside my window this morning and I saw an Oriole on the fence out back. Things are looking up.

        Am considering Firefox. I almost switched myself today, and then I didn’t want to rob my son of the chance to play Knight in shining armour again.

  3. I got you by going back to the email that I sent you and clicking on from that, but I can’t get this any other way. In fact I couldn’t even get anything when I typed in a search. I’m going to have to get in touch with Windows Internet Explorer which is showing your site name and theirs at the very top of the screen and see what’s going on.

    BTW – beautiful scenery

    • Lee, try using FIREFOX…it’s a much better browser, possibly more secure, too!

      I’m going to try to take a better picture of the sign whenever I go back…get more of the slopes…the masthead crops in a set border, so I had to fake it a bit…

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